Friday, June 29, 2012

Candy Kane

London based designer Christopher Kane has recently begun to create quite a buzz in the world of fashion. Although he's only been in the industry for six  short years (a designer rookie compared to other major fashion houses), he has proven his incredible talent with a unique design aesthetic that has captured the hearts of fashionistas, editors, and celebs alike.
Miss Donatella Versace even crowned Kane as the head designer of Versace's little sister line, Versus, and has been quite pleased with his ability to unveil collections that are undeniably chic, while still maintaining the classic Versace signature look.
With his most recent Resort collection, Mr. Kane has done it once again- presenting a refreshing look that is sure to dictate the major trends come next Spring. One things for sure- Christopher Kane is always ahead of the game, and will only continue to evolve and unleash revolutionary designs that push the boundaries of modern fashion and maybe, just maybe, eventually become a household name.

His resort look's were edgy but feminine, with abstract modern prints. Pretty pleated dresses with cinched waists, topped with bad-ass leather bombers were truly a go-to uniform for the effortlessly cool girl, the kind you see sauntering down the streets of Manhatten. And the most refreshing aspect of the collection was that instead of intimidatingly high shoes that typically rule the runways, Christopher Kane paired his latest looks with casual cool flat, jelly strappy sandals. True eye candy. 

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