Sunday, June 10, 2012

Derek Lam Resort 2013- City Safari

Having just recently begun my summer internship at Derek Lam (I'm still pinching myself) I've been doing computer work non-stop for the Resort collection, reading every description of each piece and seeing flat, rough-draft sketches. To finally see the clothing in person- both on the model and in my very own hands- has been quite the treat. The blurry image in my head of what I've pictured Derek Lam's Resort 2013 collection to look like has finally come to life, and I'm liking what I see.

The girl of Derek's collection was an impeccably chic urban girl, head-to-toe in the seasons freshest look: Safari Chic.
Derek Lam took us on his very own private safari and presented a sleu of effortlessly chic pieces that were eye-catching, playful, wearable, and... well, just plain sexy.
Bold leopard and giraffe prints were a sprinkle of whimsy, but sleek structured cuts kept one foot-(ahem-platform) on the ground with Derek Lam's signature city chic aesthetic. A little bit of fun with proportions also came into play, with breezy, asymmetrical pieces combined with boxy, crisp tailoring.
Graphic ikat prints appeared on beachy dresses and loose-fitting blouses, while the giraffe and leopard patterns covered sexy shift dresses and smart pencil skirts. If the photos don't do them justice, let me tell you darlings, the collection is to die for... That bright orange-red hue is called "Adobe" and a little birdy told me that will be the hot colour for next Spring. Army green too. Come the beginning of Spring NEXT year, the coolest chick in the city already has her wardrobe lined up. She's always one step ahead of the game, but you can't really hate her for that, can you? ;)

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