Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Unarguably the most anticipated show of the season, the entire fashion world has been sitting on the edge of their seats, literally, since John Galliano was bethroned from Dior back last January.
The rumor mill spun like crazy- gasp- who would follow in Gallianos footsteps and save the legacy of Dior?!
After Bill Gayten's brief stint as creative director for the fashion house, Raf Simons was finally named the new successor for the house of Dior. For some, it was a sigh of relief. For others, it raised eyebrows. Just recently Raf was dethrowned from his long-time design job at Jil Sander. You know what they say... when one door closes, another one opens. In this case, from one door... a haute couture door.
With so much anticipation, Raf Simons most certainly had some big shoes to fill- and the fact that Haute Couture was his first debut only added to the immense pressure.
Simons has proven his ability to truly devote himself to a fashion house. He delved deep into the history of Dior, with access to infinite archives and was determined to keep the DNA of Christian Dior, re-inventing the New Look, which was the revolutionary turning point of the 20th century that set the foundation for the entire fashion industry. Raf stated he wants to "change the way people look at couture", and by the looks of it, he may be on to something.
I personally find this collection to be absoloutely exquisite- there is an undeniable essence of Dior's signature aesthetic, but with a subtle futuristic twist. For example, Simons paired peplum cinched cocktail dresses over sleek cigarette pants- the perfect juxtaposition. It was as if the poster woman for Miss Dior literally stepped into a time machine and appeared before our very eyes. Raf confected a perfect fusion of the past and the future, and with his ungodly ability to create a beautiful collection that stayed true to Dior, with just the perfect pinch of Raf's unmistakable minimalistic-chic aesthetic that gained him major kudos in the fashion industry during his years at Jil Sander.

Simons stayed true to the DNA of Dior. Only the fourth to take on the role of head designer at one of the most coveted brands in fashion history, The crowning of Raf Simons is, well, quite a historic moment in history (at least in my world... our world) and I could not be more excited to see what he unleashes with his next collection.

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