Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Story

I've come to realize I haven't really been too good at keeping up with this blog consistently. With my freshman year of college as a fashion journalism major, I had a turbulent yet exhilarating first year in which I learned numerous new things about myself, other people, who I want to be, and where I want to go.
Fashion is the one thing that keeps me going. It gives me a feeling inside that ignites an anxious excitement filled with inspiration, creativity and determination to fulfill my dream of working for a fashion magazine. After years of collecting hundreds of fashion magazines
 My interest in fashion struck at an early age. The beginning of my eighth grade year was when it struck.
I began  going to Barnes & Noble on a regular basis, devouring each monthly issue tucked into a corner in that little Starbucks nook. I took a fashion illustration art class, which led to constant doodles in my school notebooks. I started changing my style and following all of the runway collections online, learning the names of designers and knowing the trends for every season. It fascinated me.
Freshman year in high school rolled around, and I took it to the next level. I got a new haircut- inspired sleek straight bangs, that soon became a growing trend amongst girls at my school- which I eventually decided to get rid of in lieu of a side-swept look. I wore stylish outfits to school and ultimately became noticed and known as that little fashionable freshman girl. I'm pretty sure I even wore wedges once or twice. In a sea of skinny jeans and Juicy hoodies, emulating the trends I found in magazines.
My sophomore and junior year I favored an edgier look. Lace tights, combat boots and leather jackets were my uniform. Not to sound like a snob, but I wore them before they were "trendy". I got used to the stares I recieved as I walked through the hallways of my highschool, and isntead of being self conscious and insecure, I embraced the unspoken attention that my style caused. Eventually the trends caught on. But by the time combat boots were the norm, I was on to the next.
Years have gone by and my love for fashion has forever  continued to grow. I am now about to be a sophomore in college come fall, majoring in fashion communications, as it is my dream to one day be the one behind it all. I've had this blog for awhile, but have failed to consistently update it. So from now on, I've decided to do so. I will document my latest obsessions, cravings, opinions, and random ramblings. So stay tuned. You're in for a treat.

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