Monday, April 2, 2012

Young, Wild & Free

LF is a fashionable, trendy boutique that has a few stores around the country- there's one in Boston, NYC, LA, and even in my very own hometown (Westport, CT) I've been an LF fan since the sixth grade when it first opened, but namely it has a bad rep for overpriced clothes that are made with the same materials as Forever 21. In fact, my friend and I spotted a pair of shorts there that were the same exact tribal-print fabric as a dress from Forever. Regardless, their sales are phenomenal and cause an absolute MAD HOUSE. I will forever be in love with the effortlessly cool-girl vibe and the fashion-forward mix they provide. Here's their Spring Look Book, which calls for a Cali Girl attitude with rainbow tie-dye, distressed denim, cute graphic tees, rainbow shoe laces and layers of candy-colored accessories.

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