Monday, April 9, 2012

ffffunky fresh

My mind is literally overflowing with creative energy and inspiration right now. I don't quite know how to get it all out properly, but here it goes. Starting off with my childhood obsession, Lisa Frank...

1. Here comes the sun... literally! I cannot be more excited for a much-needed splash of bright neon colors, funky prints and armfuls of candy-like accessories. There's a fun 90's feel to summer trends (like the NASTY GAL x MINK PINK collection). One look I'm loving is layered bracelets- preferably fluorescent with rhinestones, please, paired with a few other bangles. Pile on the accessories- with lots and lots of color.
2. I also cannot resist the urge to channel my summer days at the RISD Pre-College program in which everyone unleashed their "artsy" side by putting vibrant shades in their hair- hot pink for me. But this summer I want something different. Perhaps ombre... or dip dye? Lavender? Pink?
I also JUST got a beautiful shiny new white iPhone 4s after being a complete idiot and "misplacing" mine last Thursday... :/ literally treating it like a newborn child. However, it is currently without a case. I wanted something fun, bright and summery and stumbled across these Rebecca Minkoff cases-
I had to go with the feisty looking cheetah in neon yellow and pink- a tough decision between that and the lavender rainbow leopard print case (Which reminds me of Lisa Frank... omg)
I'm having a fashion ADD moment. 

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