Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Domanatrix-Boho-Warrior-Sex Goddess?

 Max Azria for Herve Leger is the go-to guru for sexy body-con dresses that will emphasize any woman's feminine curves in just the right spots. Any celeb whose even been seen looking like a true bombshell in a bandage-wrap dress has most likely been donning a sexy little number by Mr. Azria. While Max Azria certainly did not invent the bondage dress, in the current world of fashion it deems to be his signature look.
This Spring, an unusual concotion of leather, fringe, bondage-like straps, fur, netting and a pinch of embellishments made for a successful collection that truly "dominated" the runway, both literally and figuratively. Azria said the collection was pooled mostly from the theme "Seduction & Restraint", hence the sexy vibe mixed with the domanatrix theme. 
Bondage details, corsets and leathers dominated the runway as models paraded in knee-high chunky gladiator boots, a throwback that has been absent from the runways for far too long. And of course a handful of glimmering embellishment details popped up throughout the ensembles. Vixen-like cutouts, swaying fringe detailing and sleeves, and gold hardware over black leather gave the vibe of armor-like wear. And we can't fail to ignore those leather harnesses Azria included in his collection- a clear hint to the direction we're heading in for the upcoming Fall.
And there you have it- a touch of medieval warrior, sexy domanatrix, and even a bit of bohemian rhapsody, all mixed together to create the perfect stew that is Herve Leger Fall 2012's look. Even a floor-sweeping white gown offered a  touch of femininity to the collection, while mini sequin embellishments and handfuls of fringe even gave a nod to the Roaring 20's with a big of a flapper-esque inspiration. 
Perhaps the looks reflected in Azria's Fall collection for Herve Lager may not be embraced by your typical, every-day woman, the mood and ethics presented by this collection definitely can offer us some insight, and even perhaps a new rebellious sense of adventuring and high fashion confidence. 

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