Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fanning Frenzy

The Beautiful Fanning sisters are charming, youthful, innocent, exceptionally talented, mature, and stylish. And they're both under the age of 18. But move over, Dakota, and make way for your little sis!
Little Elle Fanning has slowly made her way into the limelight and has recently stepped out into the fashion industry, making waves as she has been dubbed quite possibly the most fashionable 13-year-old ever.
Now, I remember my love for fashion began to manifest itself around that age. Maybe even 11 or 12. That's when I started really noticing clothes, putting things together, learning about designers, flipping through runway photos and religiously reading all the magazines monthly. At that age I started to develop my personal style and taste and truly understanding the meaning behind fashion.
It all started in 2007, when Marc chose Dakota as the face of his ads in 2007 at the tender age of 12. in his Marc by Marc Campaigns; a bit of a controversial move because of her tender age. The idea of a sweet, innocent child actress selling high fashion in the glossy pages of magazines was a bit questionable.

But the ads were surprisingly a hit. Giving off a youthful, romantically chic feel, They gave off the idea of a little girl playing around with her mothers clothes and accessories, having fun and experimenting with fashion for the first time ever. Being the tiny pip-squeak she was, Jacob's garments were custom-made to fit the petite star. That's right. Dakota was sporting Marc Jacobs COUTURE before she even hit her teenage years.
This advertisement ploy nodded back to Calvin Klien's 1995 headline-making ads featuring a scantily clad Brooke Shields, 15, saying "nothing comes between me and my calvins." Surprisingly enough, Dakota recently stated that being the little twelve year old she was, she was not old enough to wear the clothes.

Now Elle, thirteen, is following in her sisters footsteps with a growing acting career, and has also has made her way into the fashion industry, charming Kate and Laura Mcculeavy of Rodarte, who have officially made Elle their muse. Elle starred in a short film by Rodarte for S/S 2011, featuring their Spring collection that told a story without any dialogue. (View it HERE)
 And of course Jacob couldn't resist but to use the stunning blonde thirteen year old for his F/W Marc by Marc Campaign. These ads were controversial as well, displaying Elle in sophisticated, expensive ensembles that were a far cry from middle school.
It's no question that Elle is both the fashion industry and Hollywood's new little princess. Besides gracing the cover of W with her big sis, Elle is on the February cover of Teen VOGUE and high fashion UK magazine LOVE.

I'm a huge Fanning fan, always have been, always will be. This dynamic duo isn't going anywhere soon. In fact, Dakota is just turning 18 next month, meaning a whole new line of work for her and an entirely new stage in her career. 
Gracing the February cover of Cosmopolitan, Dakota is making headlines for this new  version of her on a magazine that is, well, all about SEX ;) 
I was shocked today to see that they would chose Dakota, but in a way it makes sense. Of course the public is going to react in awe and dislike for this new image, but we must face the facts. Hollywood's little princess is growing up and as she (appropriately) turns 18 next month, it's about time we take Dakota by the hand and welcome her to the world of womanhood. "Welcome to your Cosmo years, Dakota." Cheers!


  1. that first cover is gorgeous!

  2. Great post, they really have been everywhere in the past year. They seem like such lovely people though!