Friday, August 10, 2012

Confessions of an NYC Intern

This summer, I've barely had time to really keep on top of blogging- with good reason. I was given the incredible oppurtunity to intern at Derek Lam. Located on Crosby Street in the middle of Soho (That's where his difusion line 10 Crosby got it's name) , I got to live out a mini version of my dream every day. I'm no stranger to the city- I've grown up just a mere hour train ride from New York, which can fly by with at least one fashion magazine to devour.
Manhattan is crawling with interns during the summer- I started to take notice of the incredibly stylish Soho dwellers and found inspiration in their urban, edgy look.

Being 18, I was the youngest intern there, which only added to the intimidation factor. The sleek, modern aesthetic of Derek Lam's designs echoed in the arcitecture of the offices- both in the official store downstairs, and inside. Fashion constantly makes me drool through glossy pages, editorials and runway photos- but experiencing the collections in person is a whole different story.
Being an intern in NYC- in the middle of summer- DOES have it's down falls. If you're not familliar with the Subway system, I highly reccomend downloading an app if you're an iPhone kinda kid... or two. I use NYC Transit. They are incredibly confusing at first, as are avenues, streets, Uptown, Downtown, where?! But like most things in life, we learn to adapt. We make silly mistakes, go the wrong way, end up in the wrong subway, and sometimes we have to ask that creepy man which directiion to go in. But overall, I'm happy to say I learned a lot along the way. To those who are, like me, pursuing a career in the fashion industry and dream of roaming the streets of NYC and becoming a chic newyorker, whether you're currently interning or plan to next Summer, here are some must haves to look and act the part of an NYC INTERN.

1. Leather Shorts
 A little pair of sleek leather shorts (or pleather, whichever you prefer) will go with everything and instantly add a subtle urban edge to whatever it is you're wearing.

2. Statement Accessories
Walking around and observing chic Manhattenites going about their day, I've noticed the most stylish young women don't really get too crazy with elaborate details or wild prints: instead, they opt for a more simplistic ensemble and let their accessories do most of the talking. Statement pieces that incorporate spikes and studs, mixed with chunky gems and rhinestones make for the perfect attitude.

3. LBB
The Little Black Blouse. Yes, they say that black attracts heat from the sun, but I've heard thats a rumor... besides, if you keep it sheer and flowy, you'll have plenty of room to breathe. It's almost like the updated version of the classic white shirt, and can be thrown on over literally anything. Pile on a few statement accessories and throw on some platforms to take the LBB up a notch.

4. A Chic Carry-All Tote
Whether you're commuting or living in the city during any sort of internship, a (somewhat) large bag is necessary to tote around with you. Stick to something versatile and simplistic, like this Rebecca Minkoff black leather zip tote, complete with numerous pockets and compartments to store all of your goodies. Cigarettes? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. The latest issues of ELLE and VOGUE? Double check.

5. A Dash Of Python
Playful animal prints never really seem to completely vanish from fashion, and there's no signs of that changing soon. Snakeskin/Python Print is a modern take on the classic, and will help you indulge in your sexier, more playful side of style. But don't overdo it- this Elizabeth & James blazer is perfection- it's workplace appropriate, but can also be thrown on over a minidress for a night out... and puts a fun twist on the classic blazer silhouette.

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