Monday, October 3, 2011


Australian jewelry brand ManiaMania is avant-garde and effortlessly cool, creating sculptural, artistic pieces that ooze originality.The brand plays with different textures and stones, and most pieces are hand-crafted from natural materials, meaning no two are alike. An interesting mix of metals. Many of the raw stones and gems used have a spiritual significance to them and possess a very organic yet chic appeal. Kinda on the pricey side for me (nearly $350 bucks for a bangle), however there are a few knockout pieces that are under $200. Worth it for the creativity and craftsmanship.
Another thing that sticks out about ManiaMania is their clever wording for different styles of pieces- Delta of Venus, Scorpio Rising, Immortals, Dark Earth, Invocation are just a few.They even have a ring literally called the "Abbey Lee". Figures.

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